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Welcome to our new site wherein we hope to introduce ourselves, our services and our company ethos.

We are a growing family business based in the Milton Keynes /Buckingham area with a wealth of experience in the flooring and restoration trades going back many years. Whilst terrazzo restoration in the Milton Keynes area is a key area of our business we are also proficient and experienced in all aspects of marble, granite, limestone, slate, porcelain and ceramic restoration, repolishing and general deep cleaning. We have studied for many years in various sealing technologies and have been awarded various accreditations to attest to our proficiency and experience. Terrazzo restoration Milton Keynes is proficient in the systems of Faber, LTP, Lithofin, Dr Schutz, Lithofin, Dry Treat, No Slip by Traffic and Smp. We use only the best and most appropriate strippers, neutralisers and sealers for your floors and are confident to offer guarantees on all our work.


Specific to Terrazzo restoration in the Milton Keynes area we offer the following services to domestic, commercial and industrial premises:

  • Diamond grinding - where we pass diamond abrasives over the floor in order to remove any deep scratching, some staining and lippage from the floor. At the end of this stage the floor will be very dull, chalky and matt.
  • Diamond honing - where we pass higher grit diamonds over the floor to ‘’ close in’’ the pores of the floor. This tends to leave a very low sheen on the floor and while characterful the terrazzo will remain in a somewhat lacklustre state. This is typically finished to a 300-400 grit finish.
  • Diamond polishing – where we continue the process of passing higher grit diamonds over the floor to remove even the finest scratching to produce a very even and high gloss finish. This high polish finish is generally achieved at approximately 3,000 grit finish but this is dependent on the floor makeup and the constitution of the matrix and aggregate.
  • Floor sealing – where we seal the floor at the desired stage of finish. At this stage the client may opt for one of a range of sealers. First is a topical sealer which is a hard wearing finish applied to the clean and dry floor before being burnished to a hard-wearing shine. Second is a penetrating sealer which as the name suggests penetrates the terrazzo floor and saturates the pores in order to prevent further penetration by other contaminants. Other systems employ both methods in order to try to guarantee the best of both sealing procedures.
  • Crack repair – where we rake out all contaminants and remove all discolouration and dirt before thoroughly cleaning and drying the crack. Then we infill the crack with a colour- matched two part epoxy or polyester resin. This is then covered with a scattering of colour matched aggregate which will blend seamlessly into the floor , thus hiding the crack. The entire area is then diamond grinded and diamond polished to the desired finish.
  • Stain removal – where we apply stain removers and poultices to the affected area in order to draw out deep discolouration and staining. This may take hours or days, depending upon the extent of the staining. In some cases it is necessary to deep diamond grind the floor to remove the upper levels of the terrazzo and reveal a cleaner under layer which may then be polished to an acceptable finish.

How We Work

Terrazzo Restoration Milton Keynes are ready and waiting for your call. What we promise you is that your call will be courteously received, answered by knowledgeable staff and dealt with in a timely manner. Your project, big or small, will be approached with enthusiasm and professionalism. Your home, business premises or school will be treated like our own and respected accordingly. We undertake to bring in a completed project on time, on budget and in a clean and tidy manner. We are very tidy in our work and will be delighted to demonstrate our finer attributes for on your project very soon. We have spent considerable sums of money to ensure that our equipment is up to date, pat tested and clean. This gives the client the assurance that you will be getting the best job done in the quickest time, with the minimum of fuss and disruption. Your project will benefit from our guarantee of satisfaction and importantly at a pre-agreed rate.

Terrazzo restoration offer a free call out service in the Milton Keynes area. During this we can advise as to the cause of problems and the best course of action to achieve a solution. At this stage we also carry out a free sample service and give a final price to allow the customer to understand the cost, the time frame and the level of disruption to be expected. It is critically important to Terrazzo Restoration Milton Keynes that you, the customer, is fully aware of the price of the job, what the job entails and how long the job is expected to take to complete.

We hope this little site has been informative and we respectfully suggest that you visit our main site (Our Main Site) for a more in depth insight into our company, our services and ourselves.

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